01 febrero 2012

Last Words for A Brother

"Only in the darkness can you see the stars"

Be still, my soul. And listen.
They are there. Last words for a brother,
no longer in sight.

Last words? Hardly.
For the Conversation continues,

Right there, where we left it
on the side of a frozen lake,
at Punderson.

A walk I will never forget.
Just you -- and I -- two brothers
on the same path, talking.

Going over the struggle,
talking about God, focusing
on His Love. Feeling His Presence.

My tennis shoes were new.
Way too white. And the mud,
though slightly frozen, menacing.

Like the muck that sucks us all in,
engulfing us, pulling us down,
desiring so deeply… to bury us.

We were two brothers, on the same path,
that day at Punderson. And I told you:
there’s no difference, I’ve been there, too.

These shoes might be white, but I
know the grime, the grit, the fight,
that terrible falling. The darkness.

Life is tough. I should be dead,
I reminded you that day. Like so many
friends who’d fallen down, in the slime.

* * * * *

Photo: Lake at Punderson State ParkWe neared the lake, along a frozen shore.

God, it was COLD! Yet, we were warmed, talking about Jesus.
About Love Himself.

Remember how I warned you?
I said: be careful about Religion.
Accept no substitutes. Seek carefully.

You’ll know who knows Him,
those who really walk with Love.

Seek them. It’s in their eyes. It’s in their voice.

* * * * *

It was darker now, but you were listening.
And there was Light around us, as He
drew us both closer together.

You know, Jesus loved lakes, just like you.
He hung around ‘em. Walked on ‘em.
Knew their fish… and their fishermen.

And now, as we continue our chat
there, where we left it, I can actually see you there
with Him – at the water’s edge:

Having breakfast with God, the questions
forever answered. The hurts completely healed.
Leaning your head against His chest.

By the fire.

* * * * *

Your brother, Paul
December 17th, 2011

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