31 julio 2006

No tenemos ni idea...

Foto: ©2006 Kris Kros. Todos los derechos reservados.
Upon Observing People in the Rue Tesson
We have no idea.

The miracles that surround us
are too heavy
in their beauty.

Perhaps the blindness
of each day's quehaceres shields us,
protects us,
from too much awe:
a surge of Beauty
and Reverence
to be lethal.

We claw at the scales
that Saint Paul
needed three days to let fall.

Yet many also
paint them,
pamper them,
want them there.
To unfocus the glare
of the Truth,
the Love
smashed on that Tree,
calling to us
in myriad tongues

Come live !
Come to My Feast !
Where Joy is full
and Grace
the secrets of every heart.

Paul Fleming
Paris, 12 October 2004
Foto: ©2006 Kris Kros. Todos los derechos reservados.

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